Thanh Tam Special School and Workshops in Danang, Vietnam

This school and vocational training centre is run by the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres and supports over 200 pre-school, school, and post-school aged children and youth with disabilities. The government does not provide education for children with any form or disability, and as a result many go without an education. The Thanh Tam Special School provides these children with the opportunity to learn, make friends, and have a future.

The Sisters operate as a medical,  educational and social enterprise. Most of the children who attend the school are suffering from exposure to Agent Orange and from disadvantaged families.

The Sisters offer limited boarding facilities to parents who cannot afford to look after their child.

The vocational training centre includes a cafe/bakery, woodwork shop, art and craft shop, and sewing shop. The gardens also supply food for the children and the cafe/bakery. These help generate income to assist in runing the school.

There is no government funding for the school, and they are reliant on donations and volunteers.

The money that Catholic Women's League Sydney raises will support the school in its ongoing work with the children.

Visit the Thanh Tam Special School website here.