CWL Sydney is part of a National and State bodies of Catholic Women's League Australia.

Catholic Women's League Australia is the overarching body of all CWL branches. 

CWL Sydney also operates under CWLA New South Wales Inc.

We stay connected with the National team through their newsletter and other correspondence, in particular the National Bioethics Newsletter and submissions to Parliament. The National Executive changes State every two years so that each State has the opportunity to hold National Office. A National Conference is held every two years in the state of origin of the President. The next National Conference will be in Western Australia in 2019.

We also regularly communicate with CWLA New South Wales and have delegates on the State Council. We correspond with the State President and Executive regularly, with two State Council Meetings per year. We also often attend events of other Dioceses and host Presidents and representatives in Sydney too.

CWLA National website

CWLA New South Wales website