CWL Sydney Upcoming Events



Office closes for the year. We re-open Tuesday 29th January 2019

tuesday 12th february:

Opening Mass and branch gathering - 10.30am, Chapel of Our Lady, Polding Centre, followed by our meeting and lunch on level 8. Cost $15. Guest speaker is our very own Viki Pompor, who will share with us her family’s journey during WWII and their eventual arrival to Australia.

Tuesday 11th March:

St Patrick’s Day - 10.30am, Polding Centre. Dress in green, enjoy a glass of Baileys, and sing some Irish tunes with us!

Friday 8th March: International Women’s Day

CWL Sydney + Catholic Women’s Mentoring International Women’s Day evening. From 5pm, Level 8, Polding Centre. Join us for an evening in celebration of women, with a panel discussion, food and drinks. A great opportunity to introduce our wonderful organisation to like-minded younger women.

Tuesday 9th April:

Easter Liturgy - 10.30am, Polding Centre. Join us in reflection during this time of Lent.

Tuesday 14th May:

WUCWO Day - Mass at 10.30am in the Chapel of Our Lady, Level 6, Polding Centre, followed by branch gathering on level 8. The WUCWO Country of focus this year is Slovenia.

Tuesday 11th June:

White Elephant and Craft Day - 10.30am, Polding Centre. Bring in your craft and items for “re-gifting” to help raise much needed funds for our Project of the Year, Thanh Tam Special School Vietnam.

Tuesday 9th July:

Heart Warming Tales - 10.30am, Polding Centre. Dress in red! Guest speaker: Monica Doumat, writer and lawyer, sharing with us some uplifting tales through her work and experience